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Brief About BlueGreenISD

About Us
BlueGreen Initiative for Sustainable Development (BlueGreenISD) is a youth-led organization dedicated to combating climate change, advocating for environmental conservation, promoting sustainable agriculture, and fostering sustainable lifestyles and education.
Founded in 2022, BlueGreen ISD is a registered organization focused on climate change advocacy, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable agriculture. We raise awareness, engage communities, and advocate for policies that address climate change. Our initiatives include preserving and restoring diverse ecosystems and promoting practices that conserve natural resources in agriculture.
We prioritise climate education, offering workshops and campaigns to inspire sustainable practices. Transparency, partnership, and collaboration are core values that guide our work. We actively seek partnerships and engage in fundraising to support our initiatives.
As we work towards becoming a center of climate change advocacy and environmental action, we aim to influence policies and ensure a sustainable future for all. We monitor and evaluate our projects to measure impact and refine strategies.
Additionally, we promote the Blue & Green Economy and address WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) issues in our efforts to drive positive change.
Join us in creating a greener and more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.