Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice: My Story

Ediongsenyene Ndunobong

In the summer of 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice organized by the Pan African Climate Alliance at Kenyatta University in Kenya. The program aimed to bring together passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss and develop ideas surrounding climate justice. Under the theme of “Connecting Ideas and Shaping Narratives for Climate Justice,” the summer school fostered an environment of collaboration and learning, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable and equitable solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

Engaging in Knowledge Exchange:

The Nairobi Summer School provided a platform for meaningful knowledge exchange and dialogue on climate justice. Through a series of workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions, experts and practitioners from various fields shared their insights and experiences. The sessions covered a wide range of topics, including climate policy, renewable energy, environmental justice, and sustainable development.

Cross section of Summer School Scholars

Connecting with Diverse Perspectives:

One of the most enriching aspects of the summer school was the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of participants from different countries, cultures, and disciplines. Engaging in discussions with fellow participants allowed me to gain new perspectives and broaden my understanding of climate justice issues in various contexts. Through these interactions, we collectively examined the complexities of climate change and its disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities.

The Executive Director of BlueGreenISD with other young climate climate activist across Africa at the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice at Kenyata University, Nairobi, Kenya

Shaping Narratives for Climate Justice:

A key focus of the summer school was empowering participants to shape narratives that promote climate justice. Through group projects and individual research, we were encouraged to explore innovative solutions and develop actionable plans to address climate change challenges in our respective communities. These projects ranged from community-based adaptation initiatives to advocacy campaigns aimed at policy change.

Field Visits and Practical Learning:

To deepen our understanding of climate justice in the local context, the summer school also included field visits to a community affected by climate change in and around Nairobi. These visits provided firsthand experiences and insights into the realities faced by vulnerable populations and their adaptation measures. Witnessing the impacts of climate change on the ground reinforced the urgency of our collective efforts to address climate justice issues.

Networking and Collaboration:

Beyond the formal sessions, the Nairobi Summer School facilitated networking opportunities, enabling participants to forge connections and collaborations with like-minded individuals. Through informal discussions, I was able to build relationships with fellow participants, experts, and organizers. These connections not only expanded my professional network but also provided a platform for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing beyond the duration of the program.

The Executive Director of BlueGreenISD with other stakeholders at the non state actors preparatory meeting ahead of African Climate Summit in Nairobi, Kenya


Participating in the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice was a transformative experience. It provided me with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to become a more effective advocate for climate justice in my community. The program’s emphasis on connecting ideas and shaping narratives has equipped me with the tools to drive positive change and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future. I am grateful to Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and the designated national network platform in Nigeria, Climate & Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet)of Nigeria to have been part of this empowering and enlightening journey.

Ediongsenyene Ndunobong is the executive Director of BlueGreen Initiative for Sustainable Development (BlueGreenISD). A youth led CSO based in Nigeria, with focus on climate change advocacy, ecosystem restoration, Sustainable agriculture and lifestyle and climate education.